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I’m Suzanne Lieurance, the Working Writer’s Coach and founder and CEO of www.wealthywritersclub.com.

Every day writers come to me who want to make a living blogging, writing for magazines, or even working on assignment for a variety of educational book publishers and packagers, yet many of these writers struggle with writing a simple nonfiction article.

As a result, building a career as a nonfiction writer seems impossible and overwhelming to them, even though it is their dream.

Sound familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or impossible – for these other writers – or for you!

Whether you want to create a full-time income writing nonfiction – or you’d just like to write more quality, traffic-generating content for your blog or website – my new self-study e-course, 15 Days to Better Writing Skills, is just what you need to go from mediocre writer to exceptional writer in just a short amount of time.

Learn to Produce Quality Content Without a Lot of Hassle

As search engines improve, along with people’s knowledge of how to conduct targeted information searches, it’s more important now than ever that each piece of content is written to high standards and with authority. You simply can’t get by with so-so quality content anymore. In other words, you can’t be a mediocre writer. You MUST be an exceptional writer!

But the goods news is – You CAN be an exceptional writer and in less time than you might have thought!

Register for 15 Days to Better Writing Skills now and I’ll show you, step by step, how to:

• Write Readable, Powerful, Concise Paragraphs
• Master the Art of Writing in Different Voices
• Become a Better Researcher
• Create Outlines That Make Writing a Cinch
• Write Headlines & Stellar Introductions That Turn Heads & Hook Readers
• Proofread your content beyond the basics
• Write faster with more accurate details
• Use Anecdotes and Quotes to Make Your Articles More Emotionally Compelling
• Use Transitions to Keep Readers’ Attention and Interest
• Overcome Wordiness
• Make Your Work More Professional with a Consistent Style
• Write Conclusions That End with a BANG
• Use Images to Bring Your Content to Life
• Do More of What it Takes to Be an Exceptional Writer

All this in 15 short, easy lessons and assignments.

You’ll also get these BONUS materials:

• Content Planning Worksheet
• List of Credible Sources for Stats & Case Studies
• Fact Checking Tips Sheet
• Headline Swipe File
• Phrases that Keep Reader Attention Swipe File
• Proofreading Checklist
• Sentence Starter Swipe File
• 10 Sample Articles to Practice with


You’ll immediate gain access to the modules and resource materials for all 15 days of this self-study e-course. You can complete one lesson and assignment each day for 15 days, or work at a faster pace if you prefer.

Don’t settle for being a mediocre writer and give up on your freelance writing dreams. Become an exceptional nonfiction writer in just 15 days and create the freelance writing business you’ve always wanted!

To Your Success,

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer’s Coach